Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Description. Private lessons provide students with different options: one teacher who will instruct either one, two or even three students who choose to take lessons together. The minimum number of private lessons is 15 per week with the only condition being that if students choose to take lessons together (i.e. 2 or 3 students to 1 teacher), they must be at the same level of language proficiency.

Objective. The lessons are structured by the teacher based on the needs and preferences of the student(s). It will be the job of the student(s) to communicate any special needs, while the teacher will create a unique itinerary to meet those requests in order to overall better students’ language skills.

Who is it for.  Private lessons are suitable for those who want personalized lessons and a program that is built upon their capabilities and features. Private lessons are the perfect choice for those who desire a language course that can be adapted to specific organizational needs and schedule.


One-to-One - 1 Lesson (course n. 411)
50€ - Lunch with the teacher: 80€
Two-to-One - 1 Lesson (course n. 431)
65€ - Lunch with the teacher: 120€
Three-to-One - 1 Lesson (course n. 451)
80€ - Lunch with the teacher: 160€
Four-to-One - 1 Lesson (course n. 452)
95€ - Lunch with the teacher: 200€



Minimum duration: 1 week (3 lessons per day)
Two-to-One course, Three-to-One Course and Four-to-One: required that all participants have same level of knowledge of the Italian language.
Upon request, every private tuition programme can be organized to include lunch with the teacher. Costs for lunch do not include language lessons.
These courses can be started on any working day of the year; however, we suggest beginning on Mondays.
Lessons: 45’ each lesson
Registration fee: 70€ (valid for 12 months).


  • Textbook and study materials
  • Online textbook with additional exercises
  • Placement test and interview
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Individual guidance and support (by the school board)
  • Free Internet and WiFi access
  • Art History Guided Tours
  • Italian History lessons
  • Italian Literature lessons
  • Projections of the most representative italian films
  • Lesson of pronunciation (every two weeks)