Theoretical Practice and Preparation Course for the DITALS Exam - first level

The course is dedicated both to those who are new to teaching of the Italian language to foreigners as well as those who already have experience and wish to enrich their tools and obtain a certification for their teaching skills.

The course objective is to ensure that participants acquire, in addition to a solid theoretical basis, a wide range of teaching techniques that allow to better approach the experience of a language class. For the theoretical modules, and those devoted to individual teaching techniques, practical exercises are added and aimed at developing ideational capacity. These exercises elaborate on the materials used in the classroom as well as the actual implementation of activities. A portion of the course is devoted specifically to the preparation for the DITALS exam. This module includes both theoretical and practical insights on the exam, and ends with an exam simulation.

Student-teaching (60 hours) is required in order to take the DITALS exam and is included in the course fee. The first part consists of observing classes of various levels so that the trainee can experience a wide range of situations; the second part focuses on teaching practice in the classroom.


a. Glottodidactic Preparation (24 hours)

Theoretical Basis (communicative approach and grammar; instruments for language acquisition) and  Glottodidactic Techniques (techniques of listening, reading and writing; conversation techniques; classroom dynamics)

Practical Exercises (guided construction of didactic materials; construction and presentation of educational activities; grammar explanation)



b. Exam DITALS Preparation (24 hours + simulation)

Section A: (analysis techniques of teaching materials): analysis of past exams and exercises in small groups.

Section B: (construction of teaching modules and related activities): nalysis of past exams and exercises in small groups.

Section C: (glottodidactic theory) insights on major issues of foreign language glottodidactic theory from 900s; tests from past years along with the answers are provided so that each participant can practice independently once they have studied the literature.
Section D (oral practice test): analysis of tests and directions on how to make vocal recordings; exam simulation and corrections.


Type of course Duration Lessons Price

Teacher Training Course and Preparation Course for the DITALS Certification - level I

2 weeks


(+ exam simulation)

€ 650

  • - Start Dates: please click here
  • - Participants: min. 5
  • - The Theoretical Practice and Preparation Course for the DITALS Exam is part of the Erasmus + program of the European -Community, which awards financial aid.
  • - 70 euro registration fee (valid for 12 months).
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