The DITALS (Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language) certification is issued by the DITALS Center of the Università per Stranieri di Siena. The aim of the exam is to assess the training and the degree of preparation (theoretical and practical) of those who aspire to work as teachers of Italian as a foreign language. The DITALS Center, as well as administer the exam for certification, will monitor the training courses and student-teaching offered by recognized training centers.

In 2004 the DITALS I was introduced and now joins the DITALS II in demonstrating two main objectives: a) to allow those who do not meet the requirements to take the Level II exam to still have the ability to obtain a certificate of basic training in teaching Italian as a foreign language; b) to provide a first step towards the certification of level II.

What it is and where it is recognized

The two main functions of certification:

  • > Instruments. It allows prospective teachers to acquire tools to work effectively and with awareness within the language class, thanks to the constancy of the preparatory courses.
  • > Guarantee. It ensures that those who choose to become teachers of Italian as a foreign language have a standard of theoretical knowledge and possess basic knowledge of the main teaching techniques.
  • The DITALS certification is recognized in various ways by different institutions:
  • > Italian Language Schools for Foreigners. It represents a title that guarantees the composition of the teacher, therefore their specific qualifications.
  • > Italian Cultural Institutes Abroad. It is recognized as a professional qualification for those who wish to teach Italian at these institutions.
  • > State Schools Abroad. The DITALS certification constitutes a cultural title at the end of teaching Italian however it is not valid as a teaching title (with the exception of Argentina and Venezuela where the DITALS is recognized as a teaching title).
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