Cooking Classes (amateur)

In partnership with cooking schools in the center of Rome


Description. Would you like to cook authentic Italian meals in your own home? Our cooking classes allow you to prepare traditional Italian dishes and learn the recipes from various regions. Each class lasts around three hours during which the students, under the guidance of professional chefs, prepare typical dishes respecting the traditional simplicity and genuineness of Italian cuisine. At the beginning of each lesson, the teacher presents the menu of the day and distributes the work. During the preparation of the dishes, they assist, explain, give tips and reveal tricks. Students prepare the table and enjoy their finish product together. Each class is preceded by 1 preparatory lesson dedicated to specific vocabulary (food, kitchen , tools, preparations) held by teachers specialized in the field.


Objectives. This course helps you to enjoy Italian cuisine all around. The goal is to be surrounded by others who share your passion for food and cooking and to have the opportunity to cook like a professional under the guidance of a professional.


Who it’s for. This course is for anyone who loves food and cooking, anyone who wants to discover Italian cuisine, and or those who would like to spend time preparing and eating classic dishes of the Italian tradition.



Lessons Duration Course n° Price

1 lesson (preparation of the dishes and dinner)

3 hours


€ 105

1 preparatory lesson (food and kitchen vocabulary)

1 hour


  • Accommodation is not offered for students who do not participate in an Italian language course
  • 70 euro registration fee (valid for 12 months)
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Professional Cooking Classes



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