Italy Today


Description. Italy Today is a course that combines standard language class (an intensive course, 4 lessons per day) with lessons dedicated to the history, culture, society and economy of Italy (1 per day).


Objectives. This course aims to provide participants with an articulated overview of contemporary Italian society. In addition to the language lessons, some of the topics addressed during the combined course are: a) the main events that have characterized Italian history from the 900s until the most recent years; b) the current political system ; c) television, film, and the cultural industry during recent years; d) other issues that course participants wish to explore further.


Who it’s for. This course is designed to lend students the opportunity to explore various aspects of Italian society and culture. The lessons are dedicated to those who wish to have a complete and educated idea of Italy.



Duration Lessons Course n° Price

2 weeks



€ 780

extra week



€ 360

  • Courses begin every Monday
  • Click here for course dates for beginners
  • Required Level: Intermediate.
  • 70 euro registration fee (valid for 12 months)
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