Dolce vita


Description. This is a program that combines a language course with a series of cultural activities dedicated to art and food. It is program that brings together a language course and the exploration of the city. It is journey through the artistic and cultural history of Rome, from the most important works by timeless artists to the city’s culinary habits. Every day is a new discovery walking among monuments and tasting the products of tradition. The complete program includes two weeks of a language course complemented by cultural activities. It is also possible to book only one week.


Objectives. This program aims to provide participants with an insider’s look into Italy and the city of Rome, to discover the language and some of the fundamental aspects of Italian culture: on one hand the art and on the other, food and wine.


Who it’s for. This course is for those who want to have a full experience and immerse themselves into Italian life and it’s culture.


Duration Lessons Course n° Price / (2019)

1 week

20 + activities


€ 450 / (€ 495)

2 weeks

40 + activities


€ 890 / (€ 970)

  • Afternoon guided tours and excursions
  • Start dates: click to see dates.
  • Participants: min. 3.
  • In the case of 1 solo participant, he/she will be placed in an intensive "Plus" 5 course.
  • All activities organized by the school will be free
  • Accommodation prices for students: single room in a host apartment (including breakfast ) €228/6 nights, €338/13 nights.
  • Double rooms available (on request) for 2 people traveling together, €348/6 nights, €494/13 nights.
  • 70 euro registration fee (valid for 12 months).
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